Teacher Preparation

Teachers at Brookfield Academy play an essential role in the academic success of their scholars, but they are also a key component in the character development of their students. Teachers are selected carefully and expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism in the classroom through enthusiastic and honest example.


During the interview process, the mission and philosophy of the school are clearly explained to perspective teachers. Along with the commitment to prepare intellectually and emotionally for each class period, teachers are screened to measure their passion for teaching children, not just content. 


Once on board, collegial relationships are formed to support and guide the teacher. Weekly one-on-one meetings are held to review teacher guidelines and to discuss work ethic, personal responsibility, and high student expectations. New teachers are also partnered with a mentor from their level or department to provide ongoing support with curriculum and to offer a model of behavior and professionalism that the new teacher can emulate.


Teachers learn about BA culture by being active and present in the life of the school.


Key to the process of inculcating a new faculty member into the Brookfield Academy culture and philosophy is the observation and feedback process in the first and subsequent years. Naturally, instruction and content are closely monitored, but equally important to attend to in each observation is how the new teacher incorporates lessons of character and leadership when opportunities present themselves.  


Yearly evaluations are the final element in the process of teacher preparation. These written comments can hone in on key areas of growth, provide suggestions and sources for professional development, and further communicate our culture and philosophy.   

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