Personal Responsibility

At Brookfield Academy, we believe children should be educated in the principles of freedom. A foundational principle of freedom is individual liberty, the independence and autonomy to make choices.  Instilling a sense of personal responsibility is a fundamental component to character education. The concept of personal responsibility is an essential benchmark of character education at Brookfield Academy.


When you visit the Primary School, including pre-kindergarten through second grade, you will notice personal responsibility is emphasized through the basic skills of maintaining personal belongings, completing independent assignments, and managing relationships. Completing and returning daily homework assignments allows for a sense of ownership over the learning process.


Third grade through fifth grade make up the Lower School.  When visiting, you will notice students are introduced to lockers. Lockers provide a daily lesson in personal responsibility because students have few opportunities to return to their lockers during the day.  Also, students are given school duties as a means to nurture responsibility, such as ringing a traditional bell to begin assembly, raising the American flag daily, and acting as “tech assistant” by managing the computer cart.


As students advance into the Middle School, the emphasis on personal responsibility broadens to include higher level student skills, along with developing life skills. Lessons focus on determining appropriate choices, identifying parameters in making decisions, and recognizing external powers of influence. To make these abstract concepts more concrete, “acts of character” are recognized throughout the year.


The widening emphasis on personal responsibility and character education culminates in the Upper School where it fully encompasses the trait, but predominantly fosters individual moral judgment and ethical reasoning. Curriculum highlights the balance of personal right versus personal responsibility within a free society, and students experience real-life outcomes as they respect established boundaries while enjoying unique freedoms. For example, sophomores are given free periods rather than supervised study halls and seniors enjoy off-campus privileges, signing in and out of school as they come and go. A dress code affords students the choice to dress responsibly and meet their commitment to abide by school expectations.


At Brookfield Academy, we value the habits of hard work, the courage to tackle the difficult, the conviction to be loyal to the ideals of liberty, and the determination necessary to strive, learn and grow.

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