Learning To Care

Teaching students to care is a continual lesson at Brookfield Academy. Students are taught to care about others, themselves, and figures in authority. One way we teach our students to care for others is through discussing individuality. Teaching the students to care for themselves promotes personal responsibility. We want to send the message that personal responsibility is inescapable. We choose our curriculum very carefully. The work the students complete at school is work worth doing. Respect for figures of authority is a lesson that is regularly taught. Whether it is faculty or staff, our figures of authority are respectable individuals who have something to teach and a passion to teach it.


In our Primary School, our youngest students meet once a week to learn and discuss examples of good character from literature.


Discipline is administered with a logical approach to the balance of freedom and responsibility. Administrators and teachers set high standards and expect students to reach them. Students are taught to use manners as a sensitivity to others. Students are expected to be helpful to their teacher and each other.


Teachers give correction without shame or embarrassment to the student. The teacher treats each disciplinary encounter as a unique situation. Consequences are based on the circumstances and the individual. Teachers treat their students with respect, and therefore earn the respect of his or her students.


Also, we believe competition fosters a strong work ethic. Students compete against one another; however, teachers encourage the students to realize that competing against oneself should be first and foremost. 

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