Joy and Work of Learning

At Brookfield Academy, from the moment they enter pre-kindergarten to the moment they finish their last exams as seniors, students are taught not only the importance of knowledge, information, and expertise, but the value of curiosity and the rewarding satisfaction of hard work.


In our school, we stress that personal success is each student’s goal and that there is a joy found in working to one’s potential. Students learn that while errors, setbacks, and problems may occur in school and in life, overcoming those difficulties can lead to inspiration and individual satisfaction. When our students find this work ethic within themselves, they not only enjoy the moments of success they experience upon accomplishing goals, but they also value the journey they took to arrive there.


Our challenging curriculum provides students with the opportunity to work hard and explore what personally interests them. The traditional liberal arts curriculum places a strong emphasis on pushing students to their fullest potential, perhaps further than they were aware they could reach. Support is always available for students who need extra assistance and encouragement. Homework is a routine for all students. It gives them time to try to work on their own, as a trial-and-error process leading to a better understanding and ownership of a task.


Positive student/teacher relationships are also extremely important at Brookfield Academy. While it is our goal for students to become self-motivated, it is often up to the teacher to urge students into recognizing the delight of work and accomplishment.


Our small class sizes allow the classrooms to become places of community and conversation where students feel their opinions are respected, their presence is valued, and abstract ideas take relevance in their everyday lives. Students know their classmates, teachers know their students, and there is an opportunity for each student to participate. The discussions and debates that arise from the subject material are invaluable ways to teach students the importance of critical thinking. 


When students find they have come to enjoy the satisfaction of taking control of their own learning process, they are finally stepping through a doorway from youth into adulthood. They are determined to do their best in all that they undertake, they have decided to cultivate the talents with which they have been endowed, and they will pursue the tasks before them in such a way that the doing of them gives them pride and content - as stated in the Middle School Prayer.

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