Freedom Philosophy

At Brookfield Academy, it is understood liberty is vitally important to human prosperity and can only be sustained when new generations understand what it is and why it matters. 


Economics is a required course at Brookfield Academy, because economics is the mechanics of freedom. The study of economics shows that freedom does work. It also shows why wealth and freedom tend to be closely linked.  In addition, the study of economics warns students of the consequences of interfering with freedom in the marketplace.   


We strive to give students an appreciation of freedom as it pertains to individuals, businesses, and governments, while instilling in them the moral courage to live as responsible, constructive, free people. We call these principles the Freedom Philosophy.


Character formation stands at the center of our Freedom Philosophy, due to a belief that a free society only flourishes when individual citizens are responsible and adhere to such virtues as integrity, humility, justice, charity, courage, prudence, self-reliance, and honor and respect for others. Without individual character and responsibility, it is impossible for individual liberty to endure.


The implementation of character formation is guided by five school goals attached to the school’s Five Stars. The Five Stars are the guiding lights for the faculty to implement the school’s mission.


Heritage:  Students will understand the traditions of Western Civilization, specifically those of the United States of America.


Intellect:  Students will understand that learning itself is a goal, and the perfection of the intellect is a goal of a liberal arts education.


Character:  Students will learn to act responsibly in a free society understanding the moral consequences of their actions.


Truth:  Students will pursue transcendent objective Truth.


Individuality:  Students will learn to appreciate their gifts and talents and use them responsibly.

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