At Brookfield Academy, the assembly is a huge part of who we are and how we deliver our mission and our goals on a daily basis. It is a key element of every week - across years and across campus; it creates community and mutual respect, so that a place exists where we can pass on important ideas about how to grow in character and intellect, patriotism and gratitude, individuality and love for the truth. These group moments bind us in our mission and deepen the relationships needed for young people to best develop their character.


Each assembly begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and each ends with a prayer. Topics of discussion often include Brookfield Academy’s Five Stars – Intellect, Individuality, Heritage, Truth, and Character – as well as Brookfield Academy’s Freedom Philosophy.


We strive to motivate and congratulate our students by regularly recognizing student success, excellence, and achievement. Strength of character is often central to accomplishment.  


Although assemblies are often brief – at times no longer than 15 minutes – they are an ideal environment to actively reinforce the values of character and responsibility through talks, mini-presentations, and guest speakers. At all levels, assemblies are an opportunity for the Division Heads and other adults to share lessons, messages, and challenges regarding character to the student body, particularly as it can be lived out on a day-to-day basis at school.   


Another goal of our assemblies is to foster a secure, positive, close-knit community among our students and faculty.   


Perhaps the most important goal is encouraging student contribution throughout all divisions, ultimately leading to student-led assemblies. Students in the Primary and Lower Schools have the opportunity to present poems and recitations to their own divisions, as well as to the entire school.  These presentations reflect points of good character, teach about significant historical moments, and showcase students. Middle School students, in turn, are encouraged to announce sports and club results, upcoming events, and dress-down days. By the time students arrive at the Upper School, they are prepared to take on much more of a leadership role. Students make all announcements, and the Student Council President leads at least half of all Upper School assemblies.


Ultimately, our assemblies all lead our students to the same goal – to become confident, contributing, responsible, caring members of this world. Students grow in maturity and leadership during their years at Brookfield Academy, finally graduating into the world with a solid sense of self, a respect for others, and a deep commitment to the value of strong character.

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