At Brookfield Academy, our mission is to prepare our students for college and life. We want them to grow to respect and treasure the freedoms and ideals upon which this country was founded, and develop strong convictions regarding personal responsibility.  We believe individuals must learn to make choices with an informed conscience, and that character and intellect are traits that equip the individual for moral discernment.


Rather than teach “character classes,” character instruction is thoughtfully, purposefully and creatively woven into all that we do throughout the daily life of our school.


Our teachers talk about character often and teach it in all aspects – and at all levels of our curriculum. But it is so much more than that. As Brookfield Academy parents often tell us, our teachers also lead by example, demonstrating expectations and behavior in the way they interact with students and one another. 


We invite you to browse this web site; it will give you a glimpse of how we accomplish this at Brookfield Academy.


We hope you will want to use our approach at your school.  If so, you are welcome to APPLY FOR A GRANT to travel to our campus in Brookfield, Wisconsin to learn firsthand the pathways we use to guide our students in their journey as lifelong learners and leaders.


Dr. Robert Solsrud

Head of School (1993 - 2015)


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